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Department: Environmental
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Job Specifications

Housekeeper-Full Time

Must be able to work every other weekend

Long-term care experience preferred


Condition of Employment and/or Continued Employment

It is the policy of the Company to maintain a drug-free workplace as a condition of employment and/or continued employment.  All employees and job applicants must abide by the terms of this policy.

Essential Functions 

    • Check room for food articles and remove unauthorized items (report and turn in items found) 
    • Clean areas from cleaning list 
    • Clean equipment 
    • Clean floors 
    • Clean vacant rooms 
    • Clean walls/ceilings 
    • Clean windows/mirrors 
    • Clean, wash, sanitize, or polish bathroom fixtures 
    • Clean/polish furnishings, fixtures, ledges, heating/cooling units 
    • Discard waste/trash 
    • Maintain dry floors. 
    • Maintain floors safe and clear of obstructions (residents' belongings, supplies/equipment, etc.) 
    • Maintain/use chemicals safely 
    • Mop floors 
    • Perform housekeeping 
    • Perform terminal cleaning upon resident discharge 
    • Prepare room for new resident 
    • Remove dust, dirt, wax, grease, etc., from equipment/surfaces 
    • Report hazardous conditions/equipment to supervisor 
    • Report spills 
    • Sweep/dust floors 
    • Conduct positive public relations for facility 
    • Maintain residents' privacy 
    • Make resident comfortable 
    • Treat residents fairly, with kindness, dignity, and respect 
    • Understand residents' needs 
    • Clean, disinfect, and store equipment 
    • Operate/utilize carts 
    • Operate/utilize cleaning chemicals 
    • Operate/utilize masks, goggles, gloves, gowns 
    • Operate/utilize mops 
    • Operate/utilize vacuum cleaners 
    • Report defective equipment to supervisor 
    • Request supplies as appropriate 
    • Select and operate appropriate equipment 
    • Select and utilize appropriate supplies 
    • Store tools/equipment/supplies 
    • Use equipment and supplies effiently and in a cost-effective manner 
    • Render immediate resident assistance 
    • Answer resident call lights 
    • Maintain work area free of hazardous conditions, spills, etc. 
    • Participate in safety program 
    • Place caution/safety signs where cleaning 
    • Properly use and dispose of personal protective equipment 
    • Report accidents/incidents to supervisor 
    • Report hazardous conditions/equipment to supervisor 
    • Report safety violations 
    • Understand and follow safety procedures 
    • Assist new employees with policies, procedures, and work practices 
    • Cooperate with other employees to ensure nursing services meet residents' needs 
    • Create and maintain calm, competent, environment
    •  Create and maintain warm, positive, atmosphere of resident care and interest
    •  Maintain positive work climate 


    • Perform assigned tasks in accordance with policies, procedures, and work schedules 


    • Turn found items in to supervisor 


    • Understand and apply the Employee Handbook 


    • Understand and comply with Code of Conduct 


    • Understand and follow instructions 


  • Understand and follow procedures

Minimum Qualifications (* denotes day one requirement)



  • English   language*
  • Arithmetic*
  • Federal   Regulations
  • State   Regulations
  • Local   Regulations
  • Policies/procedures
  • Public   safety
  • Customer   service                      


  • Reading   comprehension*
  • Oral   communications (speaking)*
  • Written   communications*
  • Customer service   (service orientation)
  • Apply applicable   regulations, policies, procedures
  • Monitor/observe
  • Assess
  • Analysis
  • Calculate   (mathematics)*
  • Active   listening
  • Time   management
  • Repairing
  • Equipment   selection
  • Operate   applicable equipment


  • Problem   sensitivity
  • Oral   comprehension
  • Information ordering
  • Oral   expression
  • Written comprehension
  • Speech   clarity
  • Speech   recognition
  • Written   expression
  • Number   facility
  • Spatial   orientation
  • Time   sharing (multi-tasking)

Physical   Requirements (all day one)

  • Lift   35-50 pounds
  • Carry   11-24 pounds
  • Push/pull   100+ pounds
  • Stretch
  • Bend
  • Twist
  • Stoop
  • Squat
  • Crouch
  • Kneel
  • Balance
  • Reach   above shoulder level
  • Climb
  • Climb   stairs
  • Climb   ladders
  • Walk   on even surface
  • Stand
  • Sit
  • Simple   grasp
  • Firm   grasp
  • Fine   hand manipulation
  • Near   vision
  • Far   vision
  • Distinguish   colors
  • Hear   conversation
  • Hear   alarms
  • Speak


  • Operate/utilize   carts
  • Operate/utilize   cleaning chemicals
  • Operate/utilize masks,   goggles, gloves, gowns
  • Operate/utilize   mops
  • Operate/utilize   vacuum cleaners


  • None

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